Thursday’s National Newspaper Front Pages



:: The Daily Telegraph

A senior police officer has warned Britain’s benefits system is being abused to fund terrorism.

:: Metro

Commuters have accused police of provoking panic by giving out leaflets showing terrified passengers fleeing a terror attack.

:: The Guardian

The paper reports on a proposal for the Scottish parliament to be handed direct control over billions of pounds of income tax and welfare benefits.

:: The Times

Scottish MPs would still be able to vote on income tax rates in the rest of Britain but English MPs would have no say north of the border.

:: Daily Mirror

Two million people will be offered free weight loss surgery on the NHS.

:: Daily Mail

The health watchdog is telling doctors to suggest the operations to all patients above a certain weight with type 2 diabetes.

:: Daily Express

Drinking coffee can significantly cut the risk of suffering dementia.

:: The Independent

Home Secretary Theresa May has been accused of burying bad news about Britain’s asylum­ system.

:: The Sun

An actress from EastEnders is set to stand trial for alleged racist abuse.

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